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Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

What is Knee Joint Replacement Surgery?

Knee joint Replacement is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged and uneven, rough Cartilage surfaces of the knee with smooth artificial components to allow easy movement of the joint There is least to no impact on the original ligaments present in the knee and only the cartilage parts are replaced. This surgery is common in senior patients suffering from arthritis. Only a small surgical scar remains behind without having any major change in the external appearance of the knee. However this surgery demands advanced infrastructure, experience, trained technicians and a large sterile operation theatre. Dr.Manish has done several successful knee joint replacement procedures in wide age groups..

Who needs Knee Replacement Surgery?
Arthritis patients who are suffering from prolonged pains in the knee and  face disability because of it needs it .With age ,osteoporosis occurs and synovial fluid in the joint is reduced which affects the movement, limits walking ,causes serious deformities, pains in the night time and causes inability to do daily activities with ease. Therefore patients opt for a knee joint replacement surgery

What to expect after knee replacement surgery?
Staying as an inpatient for 2-3days post surgery is usually common but movement is restored even the next day post surgery in most of the patients .120 degree movement of knee is restored in most patients but the recovery is even better in slimmer patients. After years of pain and deformity, most patients can finally get rid of pain and disability and enjoy walking and do daily activities without any hindrance and show a considerable improvement with time. The knee aligns straight which enables easy walking post surgery .Slim patients have even better recovery rates. They can sit cross legged with ease however it’s not advisable just after surgery.